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ECOLOGICA SpA has an authorization to operate a plant for the treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste located in loc. La Riccia - Giardinello, via per Statte 7050 - Industrial area of Taranto, issued by the Puglia Region with DD n.49 of 06/03/2019.

The application was requested following a research project born from the opportunity to transform a significant technological, economic and environmental problem into a significant opportunity for growth and improvement of the environmental sustainability of production and transformation cycles.

By means of the Project, specific physico-chemical treatment techniques have been studied applied to a particular type of liquid waste coming from the storage of crude oil in the storage tanks before being sent to the refining processes.

Following the project, Ecologica Spa has opted to invest for the construction of the liquid waste treatment plant of petrochemical origin developed as part of the 3Resol project.

Treatment of hazardous waste from the petrochemical industry aimed at recovering solvents for use in the construction sector

Ministerial Decree 1 June 2016 - Project n. F / 050413/00 / X32

Directorial Decree of Concession 0004658 of 11/15/2017

AXIS I Investment priorities 1b Action 1.1.3