Industrial cleaning

ECOLOGICA tra le sue attivita’ svolge quella di pulizie industriali e nella fattispecie fornisce ai propri clienti questo servizio nelle centrali termoelettriche, raffinerie, acciaierie e stabilimenti industriali di vario tipo.

The experience gained by Ecologica in the field of industrial cleaning allows us to offer the customer a wide range of cleaning possibilities, using a dedicated team of highly qualified operators, always assisted by cutting-edge machinery. The services include:

  • plant cleaning;
  • removal of solid material from equipment and plant components;
  • sandblasting and hydro-sandblasting;
  • tank cleaning;
  • management of bunkers at thermoelectric power plants;
  • flushing;
  • cleaning of conveyor belts;
  • ash removal from silos.

Some means used:

  • ITALMEC 25 m aerial platform;
  • Street sweepers LONGO, BUCHER,
  • Vacuum cleaners (ATEX and ADR standards);
  • CANAL-JET vacuum trucks / autocombined (ATEX and ADR standard);
  • Tank trucks;
  • Tank semi-trailer 30T ADR;
  • Various transfer and suction pumps and sludge pumps.

Hydrodynamic washing, hot cold from 0 to 3000 bar, cleaning services for pits and conveyor belts with mobile cranes, mini-loaders, mini-excavators, dust extraction services and contextual bagging of the same in big bags by means of a cyclone and everything else related to the maintenance of industrial sites, represent some of the services that can be offered to customers who choose to make use of the expertise of Ecologica Spa in terms of industrial cleaning.