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New port activity: Biomasses

Ecological leader for years in the handling of bulk goods in Apulian ports, it consolidates its strategic role at the regional level, experiencing this new traffic experience as a protagonist with the loading for the export of biomass useful for the production of Green Energy.

In the last session we carried out the loading of 6000 tons of "wood chips" with a specific weight of 0.5 tons / m3 in a ship with a capacity of 10000m3.

For over 40 years close to the environment, we are honored to offer our services to lead the area towards a greener future.

Think our planet does, think like Ecological

Tank Inertization System

Ecologica SpA, in the continuous process of implementing its technologies, has inserted the nitrogen generator in the mobile C.O.W. as a tank inertization system. Among its peculiarities, this generator can also work in stand-alone mode (therefore detached from the C.O.W.) for the inertization service.

Our PSA-based nitrogen generator allows you to produce nitrogen in any location or construction site. The own production of nitrogen is easy, cheap and safe (it reduces to zero the presence of flammable gases inside the tanks), in fact the use of other inert gases and other types of technologies (producers of membrane nitrogen, cryogenic nitrogen , etc ...) more expensive alternatives remain. This system allows you to have nitrogen H24 with a low cost and environmentally friendly solution.


  • Max production (m3 / h) : up to 550
  • Degree of purity% : up to 99.98
  • Footprint : HC 20 ″ container
  • Weight ( kg ) : 11500
  • Diet : 120kW 3P + E 400 V 50 Hz from mains or generator set.

SOA certification

ECOLOGICA SpA is in possession of SOA Certification No. 44300/17/00 dated 22/01/2021, issued by LA SOATECH SpA for the following categories:

  • Category OG 6 Class IV-bis
  • Category OG 12 Class VIII (unlimited)
  • OS Category 15 Class II 

Compared to the previous certificate, we have obtained the qualification for the OS15 category "Cleaning of marine, lake and fluvial waters”.

Increase in registration class for category 10B

The regional section of Puglia ofNational Register Environmental Managers approved the following changes in reference to the registration of Ecologica S.p.A. to category 10B to which companies that carry out reclamation of the goods they contain are registered ASBESTOS, effectively approving the following changes:

  • from Classe: E (total amount of construction work up to € 200,000.00)
  • to Class: A (total amount of work that can be set up over € 9,000,000.00)

Today as yesterday we are pleased to offer our services to the community.

Follow our dream, Think like Ecological.