Environmental remediation

ECOLOGICA offers a service that includes: 

  • Ecological Emergency Response (PIE) and Emergency Safety Implementation (MISE) on-shore and off-shore in case of sudden contamination events of any kind.
  • Development of the preliminary conceptual model of the site and preparation of an environmental investigation plan.
  • Execution of the investigation plan.
  • Representation of the qualitative state of the soil, subsoil and groundwater environmental matrices.
  • Development of the final conceptual model.
  • Permanent Security (MSP) or site remediation.
  • Sampling of soil, interstitial gas and groundwater and surface water;
  • Execution of hydrogeological tests of permeability in the hole such as Slug Test, Lefranc tests and short / long term pumping tests through the use of pressure transducers (dataloggers).
  • Cleaning of wells / piezometers of small and large diameters using hydro jetting and air-lift techniques.
  • Monitoring of groundwater levels;
  • In-hole monitoring of light liquids in non-aqueous phase (LNAPL) such as hydrocarbons by means of an Interface Probe;
  • Survey of the chemical-physical parameters of groundwater using a multi-parameter probe.
  • Installation and management of SVE (Soil Vapor Extraction), AS (Air Sparging) and BV (Bio Venting) systems.
  • Removal of underground tanks, characterization of contaminated soils, transport and disposal of waste of all kinds.
  • Surface paving through the supply and installation of bituminous mixtures such as asphalt and tout venant;
  • Waterproofing of surfaces of any nature by supplying and installing geosynthetic sheets such as TNT and HDPE geomembrane.
The commitment of Ecologica SpA and the continuous determination to reach ever higher standards of service, has allowed it over time to figure among the reference realities in the industrial waste treatment sector. With a view to continuous innovation and following the AIA procedure which ended positively in April 2016, Ecologica SpA decided to change the market strategy in the industrial waste treatment sector, deciding to focus its efforts on treating specific hazardous liquid waste. , limited in quantity but more complex and with high added value. The project aims to study physico-chemical treatment techniques applied to a particular type of waste (hazardous, with CER code 16.10.01 *) coming from the storage of crude oil in tanks before refining. As mentioned above, Ecologica SpA is equipped with a mobile laboratory, complete with latest generation instrumentation managed by highly qualified laboratory technicians, for carrying out scientific experimentation activities linked to the management of specific liquid waste. In particular, the mobile laboratory of Ecologica SpA is equipped with the instruments better described below:
  • Digital evaporator (complete with safety glassware, vertical condenser, collection and distillation flask and digital thermostatic bath);
  • Scientific flocculator with 6 independent seats;
  • Forced ventilation stove equipped with digital control system;
  • Scale for performing high-precision weighing;
  • Modular filtration ramps;
  • Asem EN180 hood with double suction system certified according to EN 14175
  • COD / TOC / Total Chromium / Total Phosphate thermoreactor.
  • ECOLOGICA SPA has developed a high organizational capacity of the work, using internal and external resources of the company, which has as its ultimate goal the obtaining of the highest economic result with a better production efficiency in relation to production costs. The pursuit of corporate objectives through collaboration with partners with a high corporate profile and first-level certifications:

    • Ministerial authorization to carry out tests on materials DM n.275 of 12 June 2018
    • Ministerial authorization to carry out tests on earth and rocks DM n.278 of 12 June 2018